Policies and Procedures

7. Procedure: Waiver of Assignment of Requirements for Teachers of Exceptional Children

  • Approved May 8, 2000
  • Amended August 26, 2002

If a school district must request a waiver pursuant to 16 KAR 4:020 Certification requirements for teachers of exceptional children, Section 4 , the district shall adhere to the following requirements.

  1. The district shall complete the attached application form and mail directly to the Kentucky Department of Education’s Division of Exceptional Children Services (KDE/DECS).
  2. KDE/DECS will review the waiver request and recommend to the Education Professional Standards Board ("the Board") that the request be approved or denied.

The Board’s staff will accept the recommendation of KDE/DECS and notify the school district of approval/denial of waiver.

Upon notification, the school district superintendent may appeal the decision to the Board by resubmitting to the Executive Director the original waiver materials with a cover letter requesting full Board review of the waiver request.

Upon receipt of the appeal letter and accompanying documentary evidence, the action will be placed on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. The Executive Director will notify the superintendent of the Board’s action.