Policies and Procedures

1. Proceedings Relating To Action On An Application For Certification Or An Educator’s Certification

1.11. Procedure: Preliminary Character and Fitness Approval

  • Approved November 16, 1998
  • Amended August 26, 2002

The Education Professional Standards Board ("the Board") has an established precedent to approve Character and Fitness applications that indicate certain past misdemeanor convictions. Based upon that precedent, the Board authorizes a staff attorney to issue preliminary approval for certification under the following conditions:

  • The applicant is NOT applying for an emergency certificate
  • The applicant has a verified offer of employment
  • The applicant has only one misdemeanor conviction
  • The conviction did not involve children, firearms, or drugs (excluding marijuana)
  • The conviction was more than two years ago

Legal staff will notify the applicant of the preliminary approval contingent upon Board approval. Each case of preliminary approval will be submitted to the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting for review and final approval. The certificates of those applicants approved by the Board shall remain valid. The certificates of those applicants subsequently denied by the Board shall be automatically revoked and the applicant (and employing district) notified immediately by the Board legal staff. The applicant shall be entitled to appeal as set out in KRS 161.120(5)(a)2.