Policies and Procedures

1. Proceedings Relating To Action On An Application For Certification Or An Educator’s Certification

  • Approved April 10, 2017

I. The purpose of this policy is:

  1. to support the mission of Kentucky’s Education Professional Standards Board (Board);
  2. to ensure that the goals and strategies of the Board are met;
  3. to ensure the safety and welfare of Kentucky students and school personnel;
  4. to ensure that educators and applicants are fit to instruct or to supervise students;
  5. to regulate and to enforce the standards of conduct of educators and applicants;
  6. to provide for proceedings relating to certification in conformity with the rules of practice and procedure set forth in KRS Chapter 13B;
  7. to enforce an educators’ code of ethics;
  8. to fairly and efficiently resolve proceedings relating to certification at the least expense possible to the parties and the state;
  9. to promote the development of legal precedents through Board decisions and ensure that proceedings relating to certification are justly resolved; and
  10. to provide for regulation and general administration pursuant to the Board’s enabling statutes.

II. Policy Governing Proceedings Relating to Certification.

  1. A certified educator holds a unique position of public trust with almost unparalleled access to the hearts and minds of impressionable students. The conduct of an educator must be held to the highest standard. Because sanctions are imposed by the Board for reasons of public policy, and are not penal in nature, criminal procedural and punishment standards are not appropriate for proceedings set forth in this section.
  2. The following general principles shall apply:
    1. Because the Board’s primary duty is to promote high levels of student achievement by establishing and enforcing rigorous professional standards for preparation, certification, and responsible and ethical behavior of all professional educators in Kentucky, educator certification must be considered a privilege and not a right.
    2. The Board may take action relating to the certification of an educator or an applicant for the reasons set forth in KRS 161.120(1) and 16 KAR 1:030.