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Use of Out-of-State Online Programs for Rank Change or Certification

The EPSB's Division of Certification or Division of Educator Preparation cannot “pre-approve” the use of an out-of-state online program for use by Kentucky’s educators. Kentucky citizens are advised that out of state online programs are regulated by the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE). Consult CPE’s website about CPE’s licensure requirements.  No online programs located outside of Kentucky are currently accredited to offer education programs in Kentucky.

In 2012, the General Assembly amended the definition of college to the following:
164.945 Definitions for KRS 164.945 to 164.947. As used in KRS 164.945 to 164.947, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) (a) "College" means any educational facility or institution maintained or conducted by any person, association, partnership, corporation, or trust and operating as an institute, junior college, college, university, or entity of whatever kind which awards a degree, diploma, or other statement of recognition purporting to indicate a level of collegiate attainment beyond secondary school graduation.  This definition includes private colleges located in Kentucky, private colleges located outside of Kentucky but which operate in Kentucky, and public colleges located outside of Kentucky but which operate in Kentucky.

This new definition gave the Council on Post-Secondary Education (CPE) the authority to license online programs originating from outside the state, but operating in Kentucky pursuant to KRS 164.947. A college must have a license from CPE to operate in Kentucky.   In 13 KAR 1:020, operate is defined as follows:

(1)(9) "Operating or soliciting" means having a physical presence within Kentucky and includes:
(a) An instructional or administrative site within Kentucky whether owned, leased, rented, or provided without charge;
(b) Instruction, whether theory or clinical, originating from or delivered within Kentucky utilizing teachers, trainers, counselors, advisors, sponsors, or mentors;
(c) An agent, recruiter, in-state liaison personnel, institution, or business located in Kentucky that advises, promotes, or solicits for enrollment, credit, or award of an educational or occupational credential;
(d) An articulation agreement with a Kentucky licensed college or state-supported institution; or
(e) Advertising, promotional material, or public solicitation in any form that targets Kentucky residents through distribution or advertising in the state.

Pursuant to this regulation, online programs that enroll Kentucky citizens must be licensed by CPE.  Since the EPSB has sole authority in the state to accredit educator preparation programs, CPE will not license an online program’s education programs.   At this time, no online program licensed by CPE has chosen to seek accreditation; therefore, there are no out of state online programs approved to operate in Kentucky.

Again, applicants need to be advised that if they are a Kentucky citizen, online programs are regulated by CPE and to consult CPE’s website about licensure requirements and that no online programs located outside of Kentucky have sought accreditation for their education programs in Kentucky.

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